About me

Jani - that's me! Well, actually my name is Janina. If you ask yourself now: How do you pronounce that correctly? (This question has been haunting me since my school days) No idea! :-) My parents call me "Tschanina"...I call myself "Janina".... call me whatever you want! I listen to everything by now. :-)

So, now again seriously... Creativity accompanies me already my whole life. I always had some creative hobbies. Even then it suddenly made *BÄÄM* and I had an idea in my head, which had to be implemented IMMEDIATELY. 
Whether it was bracelet making, pottery, silk painting, or crochet...without creativity - without me! 

Then in 2016, more or less by accident, I stumbled across a YouTube video where a blogger was talking about "Filofaxing". Of course, I googled this term and immediately felt again this *oh my God where do I get now IMMEDIATELY all the materials here???* feeling in my belly. 

The same day I ordered my first Filofax (btw a golden Filofax Saffiano in A5) and milled through any Facebook pages. At the beginning I only understood... "Dashboard, Divider, Tabs, Today Marker" -wtf? 

Well...long story, short...I've gotten the Plannergirl lingo down by now and am still addicted to creative planning today. For me it is the perfect way to live out my creativity - with all its facets. 

For me, it's hard to imagine life without Instagram. Here I get my daily pack of inspiration and show my works at the same time. My feed is my baby. I put a lot of heart and soul into it every day - and it pays off! 
In the meantime, many creative people from all over the world have gathered on my feed and I'm still as happy about every follower today as I was before. I love to inspire and I can do that perfectly on Instagram. 
So now, if you want to know even more about me, here are 10 more facts about me:
I am an absolute morning person.

I love the calm and the feeling of having made the most of the day.

I am simply most productive in the morning.
I am the most impatient person on this planet. When I want something - I want it now!
Boredom? I do not know! My mind is constantly searching for inspiration.
I hate naps
Not possible? No way! If something doesn't work, I don't rest until it does.
My biggest dream is to travel through the USA one day.
I hate absorbent cotton. I can't touch that devil stuff! I googled and apparently it even has a name - BAMBAKOMALLOPHOBIE...you know the drill!
I am an aesthetics freak! To me, there is nothing worse than colors and shapes that don't harmonize with each other.
My main job is in purchasing. I love my job and wouldn't give it up. Creativity is the perfect contrast to everyday office life.
Whenever I come home I have to change COMPLETELY, otherwise I feel uncomfortable.